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Set VIMRUNTIME within vimrc

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created July 18, 2003 · complexity basic · author maxiangjiang · version 6.0

In general, $VIMRUNTIME cannot be set within vimrc.

This tip is for those who want to avoid setting $VIMRUNTIME as an enviromental variable (either rc file on Unix or enviroment on Windows).

I found the following steps worked on my PC and Unix:

  • Find out your $VIM (on Windows, it is the directory where gvim.exe lives).
  • Create a directory called doc under $VIM (now, we have $VIM/doc).
  • Copy help.txt from official $VIMRUNTIME/doc (now, we have $VIM/doc/help.txt).

Now, we can set $VIMRUNTIME within vimrc, for example

let $VIMRUNTIME='C:/usr/share/vim/vim63'

I find it is useful on PC especially when I have cygwin installed, thus a single copy of VIMRUNTIME can be shared for both vi (cygwin version) and gvim.exe (win32 version).


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