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created August 23, 2003 · complexity basic · author zoran · version 5.7

For those of you using KDE and Konqueror to browse, you can add it to the so called "Web Shortcuts" in konqueror:

1. In Konqueror choose "Settings/Configure Konqueror"

2. Goto "Web Shortcuts", choose "Add..."

3. Now configure the shortcut:

  • Search Name Provider: "VIM Tips"
  • Search URI: "\{@}"
  • URI shortcuts: "vt,vimt,vimtip"

4. Click OK and Apply the changes to Konqueror

You can now use: "vt:4" in Konqueror's location bar to jump directly to VimTip4.

Feel free to do the same for Vim scripts using "\{@}" as the Search URI.


Need to update above now that the tips are here in the Vim Tips wiki.

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