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Special characters in the substitute command

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created February 15, 2004 · complexity basic · author Hyouck Kim · version 6.0

Let's think about the code below.

  M00 =
  M01 =
  M10 =
  M11 =
  M20 =
  M21 = 0;

Now you want to change the code like

  M[0][0] =
  M[0][1] =
  M[1][0] =
  M[1][1] =
  M[2][0] =
  M[2][1] = 0;

You can easily do that with


Here, \1 is a special substitute character meaning first part of the search pattern.

To specify a part in your search pattern, simply enclose your search pattern with "\(" and "\)".

Thus, in the above example

\(M\) corresponds to \1, and
\([0-9]\) to \2 and etc...

And substitute pattern "\1[\2][\3]" means

"1st part" + "[" + "2nd part" + "]" + "[" + "3rd part" + "]"

which is what we want here.



Why not


This works too:


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