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created August 17, 2004 · complexity basic · author Peter Wilson · version 5.7

Bind a keystroke to "xclip -o | gvim -" ( or "xcb -p 0 | gvim -" or "any command which prints the contents of the clipboard | gvim -")

Pressing that key now captures the contents of the clipboard in a new Vim window.


I don't have xclip. I just click middle mouse button to paste clipboard, also in Windows gvim.

For scripting you could also paste the clipboard register: "*p

You can also do

gvim.exe -c 'normal "*p'

or to a named file

gvim.exe -c 'normal ggdG"*p' file.txt

from VimTip305

Put the paste code into a windows batch or Unix Script.

This seems complicated. Simply use commands:


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