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created 2004 · complexity intermediate · author Jörn Horstmann · version 6.0

Download and put it into your vim/doc folder, then run :helptags [path to vim/doc]. Documentation for PHP functions can be shown by pressing K while the cursor is on a function name.

The manual was created using a modified version of script found at


There is a new version available at

I added more text and examples from the manual and it is now split into one file per function. Installation has also changed, you have to create a folder named 'doc' somewhere and add this to your runtimepath. For example unpack it to c:\program\vim\php\doc and add this to your .vimrc: runtimepath+=c:\program\vim\php

I found it necessary to unset keywordprg (which I did in ftplugin/php.vim) so that the K defaults to the :help command (rather than :!man).

Based on the information found here ( I generated a new set of files, updated from the latest cvs phpdoc. The new manual includes all new features found in php 5.3.


To generate your own set of files:

That's all, you'll get your documentation on the "out" folder

None of the above worked for me (vim 7.2.442, neither on Ubuntu nor Gentoo). The vim-php-manual help files above where not recognized with :helptags, the produced tags file only had 3 lines in it. Solution was to create my own files like suggested above. But i had to uncomment line 206 and comment out 207 in parser2.php to get help files in correct vim format.

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