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Make support for NEC V850 CA850 compilers

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created January 14, 2005 · complexity intermediate · author Lee Riemenschneider · version 6.0

This line will replace "make" with the "build" command when using ":make".

" Use build.exe for making
set makeprg=build\ -script\ script.bld\ -XO\ build.err

Note: It directs the output to a file called "build.err" and assumes a script based build where the scriptname is "script.bld".

This line allows the error output from the build to be processed for display and linking back to the source.

" Find CA850 errors and warnings
set errorformat=%f\ %l\ %.%#rror:\ %t%n:%m,%f\ %l\ %.%#arning:\ %t%n:%m,%+Eld850:\ %.%#rror:\ %t%n:%m


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