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created February 20, 2005 · complexity basic · author Bertram Scharpf · version 6.0

In my Python or Ruby scripts, the first line is always a shebang line. I create it automatically by adding this to my vimrc:

augroup Shebang
  autocmd BufNewFile *.py 0put =\"#!/usr/bin/env python\<nl># -*- coding: iso-8859-15 -*-\<nl>\"|$
  autocmd BufNewFile *.rb 0put =\"#!/usr/bin/env ruby\<nl># -*- coding: None -*-\<nl>\"|$
  autocmd BufNewFile *.tex 0put =\"%&plain\<nl>\"|$
  autocmd BufNewFile *.\(cc\|hh\) 0put =\"//\<nl>// \".expand(\"<afile>:t\").\" -- \<nl>//\<nl>\"|2|start!
augroup END


You can also create a skeleton-file for each filetype and read it - see :help template.

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