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created 2005 · complexity basic · author Soeren Sonntag · version 6.0

All of you should know the gu{motion} and gU{motion} commands used to convert a region to lower/upper case. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to capitalize a region. Until now this tip.

Similar to the gu/gU commands, here are some mappings for "gc" (c as in capitalize).

To capitalize the word "example" place the cursor over the word and type gciw (similar to guiw).

Before: this is an example.
After:  this is an Example.

To capitalize the whole line place the cursor somewhere on the line and either type gcgc or gcc (similar to gugu/guu).

Before: this is an Example.
After:  This is an example.

I defined some common mappings. Please feel free to add your own.

gcw        - capitalize word (from cursor position to end of word)
gcW        - capitalize WORD (from cursor position to end of WORD)
gciw       - capitalize inner word (from start to end)
gciW       - capitalize inner WORD (from start to end)
gcis       - capitalize inner sentence
gc$        - capitalize until end of line (from cursor postition)
gcgc       - capitalize whole line (from start to end)
gcc        - capitalize whole line
{Visual}gc - capitalize highlighted text

Put the following lines into your vimrc file.

if (&tildeop)
  nmap gcw guw~l
  nmap gcW guW~l
  nmap gciw guiw~l
  nmap gciW guiW~l
  nmap gcis guis~l
  nmap gc$ gu$~l
  nmap gcgc guu~l
  nmap gcc guu~l
  vmap gc gu~l
  nmap gcw guw~h
  nmap gcW guW~h
  nmap gciw guiw~h
  nmap gciW guiW~h
  nmap gcis guis~h
  nmap gc$ gu$~h
  nmap gcgc guu~h
  nmap gcc guu~h
  vmap gc gu~h


Of course, there's the cream-capitalize script script#242.

I would appreciate a mapping to capitalize a word in insert mode, after having typed half a word without having to change modes.

exampl<~>e  to Example<cursor_insert_mode>

:imap <F8> <Esc>g~iwea

This command toggles the case of every character of a word in insert mode. Replace "~" with "U" for uppercase or "u" for lowercase change.

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