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created March 22, 2005 · complexity intermediate · author Ken Holm · version 5.7

Put this in your vimrc and you can have nicely aligned comment boxes:

map ,co O#====================================================================================================<CR>#<CR>#====================================================================================================<Esc>100\|Dkk100\|DjA


  • The above should all be on one line.
  • There is a space after the "A" at the end of the line above.
  • While in navigation mode use ,co to create a comment block.
  • The comment block will chop off at column 100.
  • It relies on having autoindent set.


This should have the same result, I believe:

map ,co O#<Esc>100A=<Esc>100\|D<CR>i#<CR><Esc>i##<Esc>100a=<Esc>100\|D<Esc>kA

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