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created 2005 · complexity basic · author Georg Dahn · version 6.0

Pan Shizhu's color scheme ps_color script#760 supports two styles, a cool (dark) and a warm (light) style. If you want to switch between these styles by just a single key stroke, you may define the following function in your vimrc:

function! s:SwitchPSCStyle()
  if exists('g:psc_style')
    if g:psc_style == 'cool'
      let g:psc_style = 'warm'
    elseif g:psc_style == 'warm'
      let g:psc_style = 'cool'
    let g:psc_style = 'warm'
  colorscheme ps_color
map <silent> <F6> :call <SID>SwitchPSCStyle()<CR>



  • Decide what to do with above SwitchPSCStyle function (is it worth keeping?).
  • Other content that was in this tip has been merged to Switch color schemes. If remove tip 955, replace it with a redirect to 341.

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