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Golden Rules for creating a valuable tipEdit

This page appears above the edit box when using Create tip.

To look for available Categories

VimTip(7 C, 1,146 P)
[×] Building Vim(10 P)
Integration(5 C, 46 P)
LanguageSpecific(16 C, 17 P)
[×] Lists of scripts(6 P)
[×] Options(23 P)
Plugin(1 C, 17 P)
Usage(20 C, 69 P)
  • Search the wiki to see if there is already a tip on your subject. Perhaps you can enhance that tip, instead of posting a new one?
  • Titles should be easy to remember (short and precise). Avoid all punctuation.
  • You can indent short pieces of code with one space, but see formatting code blocks for problems to avoid.
  • Include version number or operating system, if appropriate.
  • Add one or more categories like [[Category:Plugin]] from the categories on the right, if you can find appropriate entries (can be fixed later).

See the project guidelines for more information.

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