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New tips December 2009

For each proposed new tip:

  • Is it worth keeping as a separate tip?
  • Should it be merged into an existing tip? Which?
  • If it should be kept, is it ready for release? Which points need fixing? Should it be renamed?

Please edit this page (not the talk page) in the appropriate section below the following table.
Alternatively, comments can be posted on the mailing list.

Proposed new tip Current consensus
Bash file encoding alias -
Bulk rename files with Vim -
Vim-plugin-manager -

Please add your comment (sign with ~~~~) below the appropriate heading. Use ---- between comments.

General comments (not for a specific tip)

Bash file encoding alias

Bulk rename files with Vim


I propose keeping this page, but will not regard it as a tip. It is a replacement for an earlier page (TOVL - one lib for all ?) and we need to decide what to do with the old page. Also, I'll think about some way to list the "general" not-a-tip pages.

It could be argued that the two pages are not in keeping with our "we only want useful tips" procedure, and perhaps the two pages should be deleted, with a link and brief description added at Vim scripts. There is no hurry, so I'm planning to defer that thought until, say, April 2010. As normal, comments welcome. JohnBeckett 01:41, January 6, 2010 (UTC)

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