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For each proposed new tip:

  • Is it worth keeping as a separate tip?
  • Should it be merged into an existing tip? Which?
  • If it should be kept, is it ready for release? Which points need fixing? Should it be renamed?

Please edit this page (not the talk page) in the appropriate section below the following table.
Alternatively, comments can be posted on the mailing list.

Proposed new tip Link Current consensus
A better gm command discuss -
A command for checking if a plugin has loaded and if so allow an easy open with gf discuss -
Searching for expressions which include slashes discuss -
Underline text discuss -

Other pages created this month (not tips):

Please add your comment (sign with ~~~~) below the appropriate heading. Use ---- between comments.

A better gm command

Like Remap join to merge comment lines and the newly added Enhanced Ctrl-A, this tip takes an existing Vim command and modifies it to do mostly the same thing, but subtly better. We're starting to get a reasonable collection of these. Possibly there may be more in the imported tips. I think a new category may be in order to collect these improved versions of built-in functions. --Fritzophrenic 14:11, April 7, 2011 (UTC)

A command for checking if a plugin has loaded and if so allow an easy open with gf

Searching for expressions which include slashes

Tip was originally named Command for searching expressions (paths) wich include backslashes. (with trailing '.').

Giotti has suggested the title "Searching expressions including slashes". I think it's best to get the tip fully cleaned up, and wait a week or two for any other developments, before thinking too much about the title, but any other ideas are welcome (add them below). Let's decide on the best title later. JohnBeckett 09:57, April 7, 2011 (UTC)

I went ahead and renamed it to Searching for expressions which include slashes. I got really annoyed yesterday when none of the several links posted on google groups worked because Google "helpfully" dropped the trailing '.' from the link. ‑‑Fritzophrenic 14:08, April 7, 2011 (UTC)

Underline text

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