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For each proposed new tip:

  • Is it worth keeping as a separate tip?
  • Should it be merged into an existing tip? Which?
  • If it should be kept, is it ready for release? Which points need fixing? Should it be renamed?

Please edit this page (not the talk page) in the appropriate section below the following table.
Alternatively, comments can be posted on the mailing list.

Proposed new tip Current consensus
Adjust display brightness in Mac OS X -
Autocapitalize the start of every sentence -
Omnicomplete - Remove Python Pydoc Preview Window -
Precise Jumps Without Mouse -
Testing Vim variables from the shell -

Please add your comment (sign with ~~~~) below the appropriate heading. Use ---- between comments.

General comments (not for a specific tip)Edit

Adjust display brightness in Mac OS XEdit

Original name: Adjust Brightness Automatically on Focus

  • Keep. This is an odd tip and not something likely to be wanted by many users but it's fine. I am updating Category:Mac OS X so it shows all relevant tips, so found this. I renamed it to make it more immediately apparent that it only applies to Mac. JohnBeckett 08:40, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

Autocapitalize the start of every sentenceEdit

Omnicomplete - Remove Python Pydoc Preview WindowEdit

Precise Jumps Without MouseEdit

Testing Vim variables from the shellEdit

I believe all plugin authors should be interested in the more general field of how to write `expect`/`runtest` test cases for plugins.

If someone have any experience with plugin tests and can do this, the tip should be corrected, classified as plugin development/test and kept. --anon, September 9, 2012

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