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*[[Vim Tips Wiki:Create a new tip|Create a new tip]]
*[[Vim Tips Wiki:Create a new tip|Create a new tip]]
*[[Vim_on_Freenode|#Vim on Freenode (IRC)]]
*[[Vim_on_Freenode|#Vim on Freenode (IRC)]]
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Welcome to the Vim Tips wiki

This wiki is about the editor Vim. We aim to exchange tips and tricks with other Vim users. Please help by improving or adding comments to any tip.

If you are new to Vim, we have plenty of tips that will help you get started.

We are currently editing over 1,613 articles.

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Searching for files is made easier with the tab-completion of the :find command introduced in Vim 7.3. It is also straightforward to set up a short function to use external commands to populate your quickfix list with a set of files which you can navigate to, and there are plenty of plugins available for fuzzy matching and other advanced features. See our Featured tip for details!

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