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created 2004 · complexity intermediate · author Levin Du · version 6.0

I often come across lines like these:

p_ST->localconnectionOption->typeofService = 0;
p_ST->localconnectionOption->gain = 0;
p_ST->localconnectionOption->r_reservation = 0

Though Vim has completion mode, it's a wasting time of repeately typing 'p_ST->local<C-N>->...'. So I write this mapping:

:inoremap <c-f> <Esc>:let g:saved_col=virtcol(".")<CR>ddkYp:exe "normal ".(g:saved_col+1)."\|"<CR>C

Take above lines for example. First, I type one line (with autoindent turn on, the cursor position is shown as "|" after finishing the line with Return):

p_ST->localconnectionOption->typeofService = 0;

then I use <Tab> and <Space> to move the cursor to the right place:

p_ST->localconnectionOption->typeofService = 0;

and press <Ctrl>-f, can you see the magic? It turns out to:

p_ST->localconnectionOption->typeofService = 0;


Here's an alternative mapping.

ino <silent> <c-f> <c-o>:exe "norm! kly0jPD"<CR>

I want to recommend <C-X><C-L> - line completion. Not exactly the same as this, but useful in similar situations. After a line completion, you can use <C-P> and <C-N> as usual for previous and next match.

See :help ins-completion.

What about <C-X><C-N>? I just discovered this recently as something between "whole-line completion" <C-X><C-L> and "word completion" <C-N>. It works like <C-N> completion, but it's more like "complete more".

So from the previous example:

p_ST->localconnectionOption->typeofService = 0;



you get:




you get:




you get:


No spacing/tabbing and scripting necessary!

It is worth to mention CTRL-y (and CTRL-e) and the wordwise CTRL-y tip on this occasion -

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